Ri Ky Roofing’s safety program is second to none. We take it so seriously that we were awarded the ABC Step Award which is a yearly safety analysis. We want to make sure our employees are safe in order to provide you with the highest quality product. Having been a safety consultant for a commercial roofing company previously, and a daughter of a steel worker safety consultant, Tara Kramer is not a stranger to safety in the construction industry. Ri Ky Roofing takes safety to a whole new level by implementing stringent safety practices and training both on and off the job. Each employee receives proper safety training before ever stepping foot onto a job site. Ri Ky establishes an on-site specific safety plan that provides the necessary safety equipment and action plan for each individual structure.

Additionally, Ri Ky implements regular, weekly safety meetings as a company, and daily safety meetings on-site conducted by our foremen. All of our employees are equipped with proper safety equipment which is inspected daily before each use, and each project is equipped with necessary safety items such as fire extinguishers, first aid kits, fall protection equipment, ladder tie-offs, warning lines, properly checked electrical tools and cords and much more. Ri Ky Roofing has a zero tolerance policy which means, if an employee is found not utilizing proper safety, then the employee is removed from the project. It may be possible for that employee to be retrained and sent to another project or that employee may be terminated for not following safety procedures.

Ri Ky takes safety seriously, so our clients don’t have too.
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