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Commercial Roofing/Roof Maintenance

As a Commercial Roofing Company,  we are experts in Single Ply, Fluid Applied, Built Up, and Sheet Metal Roofs. We are equipped to solve all your roofing needs, whether it be a commercial building or large residential properties (apartments and condos).

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Solar Solutions

Ri Ky offers Renewable & Reliable Solar Solutions! Ask us about Solar Shingles & Solar Single-Ply membrane for flat roofs! Ri Ky wants to help you reduce power costs significantly, with advanced technology from Ri-Ky & CoolPanel Solar LLC.

Sheet Metal Solutions

Ri Ky is a leader in Roofing, Fabrication, Consulting, and Architectural Sheet Metal Solutions.

Whether following architectural plans and a pre-approved design, or submitting our own specifications and roof design, our roofing and waterproofing on new construction is second to none.
Existing construction can be particularly difficult, especially with occupied buildings such as schools or businesses that need to remain operating during the roof installation. Ri Ky Roofing performs our jobs, while you do yours, ensuring minimal disruption.

One of the most durable and long lasting roof systems, sheet metal roofing can not only ensure long term performance, it can drastically enhance the look of your building. Ri Ky Roofing has skilled sheet metal technicians trained in the latest sheet metal installation techniques and up-to-date materials. Ri Ky Roofing also installs all roof penetration flashings and edge details on all types of roof systems.

Our efforts to provide our customers with the best products translates into keeping up with the latest energy saving technology. Incorporating roofing and waterproofing with energy saving solar technology allows you to reduce energy consumption, earn tax credits and use natural resources, reducing your global footprint.

Key maintenance is critical to maximize the service life of your exterior building components. Maintaining your roof is even more important due to exposure to ultraviolet rays, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. Identifying what maintenance steps and when to perform and when will ensure that service life is achieved or even extended. Additionally, performing necessary repairs can stop leaks and extend the life of expired roof systems until budgetary constraints are overcome.

Why  You Should Choose Ri Ky

  • Safety-Certified Roofers
  • Commercial Roofing experts
  • Single Source Warranty
  • NO DOLLAR LIMIT Labor & Material Warranties available
  • National Council for Woman Owned Small Business Member
  • Locations in the Northwest- Serving Oregon and Washington
  • Maintenance focused to extend our clients’ properties